Digerati, Inc. (OTCQB:DTGI) through its subsidiaries T3 Communications and Nexogy is rolling out a new industry-standard protocol on its network and has become an authorized service provider of SHAKEN — Secure Handling of Asserted information using toKENS.

Just last week Daniel Howley of Yahoo Finance wrote an article on the subject, “Robocallers have gotten out of control — here’s how you can stop them.”

The Calling Number Verification Service established by the FCC has established call authentication standards to accurately identify callers. The Secure Telephone Identity Governance Authority (STI-GA), the Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS), and Verizon Wireless (NASDAQ:VZ) in particular, have led the charge to roll out SHAKEN for service providers like Digerati $DTGI to deploy on their networks. Very similar to how SSL certificates authenticate websites and enable encrypted connections, the new SHAKEN protocol uses encrypted certificates to verify call originations.

SHAKEN makes it, so every phone has a certificate of authenticity attached to it — a kind of digital signature. The same security or public-key cryptography process is used to protect against credit card theft on e-commerce websites. SHAKEN authentication eliminates spammers’ ability to impersonate any phone number at will, consequentially fixing the whole cottage industry set up to support phone spam.

SHAKEN provides a framework for Certification Authorities to issue Secure Telephone Identity (STI) digital certificates to authorized service providers like Digerati $DTGI, which are used to verify the integrity and accuracy of calling number data. For SHAKEN to work nationwide, carriers on both sides of a phone call need to be involved. Telecom providers all over the country are participating in the $100 million rollouts of the new national call authentication system that could terminate the flood of unwanted, irritating robocalls. As our phones are rapidly becoming versions of our spam-stuffed email in-boxes, malicious robocalling operations have been put on notice.

Digerati $DTGI has brought together and developed a state-of-the-art platform that delivers flexible, cost-effective services with enterprise-grade quality and reliability. Rolling up an impressive tech-stack, $DTGI has a robust tech platform to assist customers that want to protect against telephone denial-of-service (tDoS) and the bombardment of robocall attacks. Digerati has become a leading provider of reliable and cost-effective cloud-based telephony and network solutions like SHAKEN with a strong platform for growth to take the company into the next fruitful chapter. Rapid advancements in communications technology and business migration from legacy telecom services to Cloud-based solutions have created the perfect storm for TelecomTech entrepreneurs like $DTGI to thrive. Digerati has continuously increased customer adoption while servicing diverse industries and experienced exponential growth with its regionally focused strategy and global service delivery capabilities.

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