About Digerati

Today, Digerati Technologies, Inc. is a provider of reliable, scalable and cost-effective cloud-based telephony and network solutions (UCaaS, Business Continuity, SD-WAN).


Digerati is a multi-year recipient of Deloitte’s Fast500 and Fast50 Awards for recognition as one of the fastest growing technology companies in North America.

Meeting Global Needs

providing simple, flexible, reliable, and cost-effective communication and network solutions.

Service Provider

Services include: Cloud PBX, Cloud mobile, Internet Broadband, SD-WAN, SIP Trunking, and Customized VoIP Services.

Local Touch

Special focus on California, Texas and Florida representing the 1st,  2nd and 4th largest state economies in the U.S.

DTGI Opportunity

Digerati focuses on small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs).   The primary market is in the U.S., yet the Company maintains significant strengths in Latino Communities and Cross-Border capabilities, which presents a multitude of opportunities. 


5-10% per year with cost synergies in the future.

Continued Acquisitions

The latest include NextLevel Internet, Skynet, Nexogy, Inc. & Active PBX leading providers of cloud communication and broadband solutions tailored for businesses.

Market Size

32.5 million small to medium-sized businesses that make up the DTGI  target market.

Customer Profile

Innovating to meet tomorrow’s challenges, with an actionable insight to serve customers.

Average Contract

24 Months with a monthly ARPU of $614, contracting (4) services.

Business Size

45 Employes with an average of 30 Hosted Seats/Lines

Sales Cycle

6 Months with less than 1% turnover

Stock Quote

Our wide range of clients.

Insurance & Risk Management Services Inc.Insurance & Risk Management Services Inc.
First Florida Integrity BankFirst Florida Integrity Bank
Hope Health CareHope Health Care
United Way LeeUnited Way Lee
Company nameCompany name
Bank of South TexasBank of South Texas
American Red CrossAmerican Red Cross
Hard Rock HotelHard Rock Hotel


Enterprise Telecom

$38.7 Billion Market In U.S. Which Includes 32.5 Million Businesses 75% of which have not yet migrated to VoIP/Cloud Solutions

Highly-Fragmented Market Littered With VoIP Providers
National Providers Lack Local Touch and cause high customer churn while Incumbents provide inadequate support to SMB market.

Bandwidth Costs Continue To Drop For SMBs More Bandwidth=Improved Cloud Performance and provides additional ROI promoting cloud migration.

Stock Quote: (DTGI)


From the Chief Executive Officer

Looking Forward to the Future

“We are very proud of our progress in the UCaaS and CCaaS markets. Our organic growth plan and disciplined acquisition strategy is successfully increasing revenue and shareholder value. The leadership team is firing on all cylinders to continue expanding our product portfolio and footprint in the SMB markets. The rapidly changing nature of hybrid-work environments is fueling successful integrations, new business development efforts, and additional acquisitions. We are excited for the future as we grow the platform and secure additional capital partners and more liquidity in the open market.”

Digerati Technologies: $DTGI
Digerati Leadership

The Market

A story is beginning with a new vision for the future, an expertise across the entire industry and the ambition to exceed customers expectations.

Million SMBs In Texas and Florida Alone
.5 M
32.5 Million SMBs in U.S.
.7 B
Billion Market In U.S. Alone

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