Before the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, some small and medium-sized businesses may have functioned perfectly well with limited use of cloud-based technology to run day-to-day operations. But with the rise in remote working for business survival as COVID-19 spread, it’s become more critical than ever for companies to upgrade their telecommunications systems and take advantage of solutions that exist in the cloud.

The problem is that most of these smaller businesses were left behind by national telecommunications companies like AT&T  and Verizon VZ that typically serve the larger enterprise that is up market. And without a clear way to keep up with the times, the growth of many of these companies can stall or decline over time. After all, technology is always moving forward, and these businesses need to adapt.

Luckily, Digerati Technologies DTGI is in a position to bring cloud-based solutions to those smaller businesses that are either unwilling or unable to upgrade with the national providers.

What Is Digerati Technologies?

Digerati Technologies is a fast-growing technology and telecom company in North America that brings diverse cloud communication and network solutions to its customers. The business’s focus is also to  acquire small and medium telecommunications companies and allow them to continue to provide a personal touch in the respective market while taking advantage of Digerati’s integrative cloud-based solutions.

These businesses tend to be closely-held and/or family-owned and hampered in their growth but could maximize their potential with the right tools and integrations. At the same time, Digerati is willing to take over back-end telecom operations to lift the burden from these small and medium companies. That allows them to concentrate on fostering the relationships they already have with their customer base.

Digerati Technologies’ approach is 3-fold:

  • Provide a plan to move businesses to the cloud
  • Integrate with 3rd-party systems
  • Introduce a light development to achieve such integration for efficiency

This plan helped many businesses stay afloat during the pandemic because they had to shift quickly to survive.

Experience Is Key

Digerati brings years of experience to the table with seasoned professionals and a proven track record of success. The business currently serves 28,000 business users and 340 channel partners with a co-branded solution. Its platform includes various business sectors, including healthcare, banking, legal, real estate, and construction.

With its main operations in Texas and Florida, which are the 2nd- and 4th-largest states for gross domestic product, the company sees immense potential for growth and acquisitions in those regions of the country. Digerati mainly looks for companies with good customer relations, a set revenue history, workable cash flow, a high-growth market, and low customer churn before deciding to acquire.

The Future of Digerati

With a clear growth plan, proven acquisition strategy, and an experienced team, Digerati expects to increase shareholder value and hopes to uplist to a primary exchange in the future. That will allow the business to tap into other markets in a cost-effective way to accelerate that growth. The telecom company believes it’s undervalued on its current exchange, so investors may want to keep an eye on Digerati and should consider it a possibly great opportunity for an investment choice.