Digerati is on the frontline of cloud communications providing telecommunication solutions on its carrier-grade network in a rapidly changing environment.

Gartner recently released new projections based on its sales analysis by technology suppliers and predicts an annual increase of almost 9% in global tech spending, estimated to hit $4.2 trillion by the end of 2021. Spending on cloud computing and other tech services like Unified Communications is expected to reach almost $1.2 trillion this year as businesses look to gain the edge over the competition.

In addition, Gartner notes that investment in cloud and other infrastructure could outpace software applications by the end of 2021 for the first time in many years. Banks, for example, are on-track, investing at least one-tenth of their annual revenues into IT.

Digerati can validate Gartner’s findings through its work in many sectors like financial institutions, the service industry, healthcare, and non-profit organizations.

Here are some frontline case studies that demonstrate Digerati’s solution-based approach to serving its customers.

Case Studies

1. A Community Bank

T3 Communications, a Digerati operating subsidiary, has become the service provider of choice for several regional and local community banks throughout Texas and Florida.

One regional bank has been a client for over ten years. The bank required a unified fiber-optic network to connect its eight branches and meet redundancy protocols to secure its growing operations.

The T3 team implemented a fiber optic network and SIP trunking solution for the bank’s on-premises PBX.

T3’s telecom solution allows the bank’s customers to call into a single phone system to reach the appropriate branch which played a significant role in business continuity and a positive customer experience.

The T3 Team consolidated voice and data services for all branches and streamlined billing into one easy-to-read statement. Enhancements to the network provided by T3 included routing a multicarrier fiber optic network at the bank’s main headquarters through separate building access points. The network enhancements established redundancy by routing distinct carriers to a specific location while hosting a mirror image of the bank’s PBX and network equipment.

This allowed for modernization of the community bank’s safety protocols and established full redundancy with a seamless auto failover via BGP and OSPF protocols.

2. Nationwide Restaurant Chain

A nationwide restaurant chain needed a solution to meet the increased volume of incoming calls for ‘to-go’ orders.

Digerati’s operating subsidiary, Nexogy, created a centralized call center environment for callers to reach each of the restaurant locations.  This call center solution included an auto-attendant with professional greetings and on-hold music.

To improve the caller’s experience, the Nexogy team implemented a Centralized IDR (integrated data repository) and remote agent system, placing the calls in a queue and avoiding busy signals.

The IDR enabled the franchise owner to add restaurants to the same account and simplify all services under one provider and bill. In addition, the Nexogy team met the owner’s telecom budget per restaurant and offered call reports for monitoring, analytics and measuring performance.

The new on-hold features, centralized billing, real-time call reporting, statistics, and even call flow management were excellent IT investments to save time and increase productivity.

3. Health Care Provider

Another client T3 Communications is a nationwide healthcare provider specializing in employee health clinics for Fortune 500 corporate campuses.

This health care provider required a complete cloud communications system to support its physical clinics and to ramp up its telemedicine and remote medical support services.

The T3 team created a dedicated call center, updated their nationwide telco system and network, and tailored a comprehensive UCaaS platform to support physical devices, mobile solutions, and cloud-based applications.

As this client continues to adapt and grow in the new work-from-home professional arena, its communications infrastructure is steadily growing in parallel thanks to the innovative approach by the T3 team.

4. United Way

T3 Communications has also been a solutions provider for many years to its local chapter of United Way located in Southwest Florida by supporting the public 211 social services referral line in four counties.

United Way needed to revamp its entire legacy phone system to better serve the community and increase accountability measures.

211 call center traffic has dramatically increased over the past couple of years, forcing the non-profit to invest in its IT infrastructure.

The T3 team installed a full-featured cloud-based ACD solution for the 211call center, as well as a hosted phone solution for all the other employees and locations. T3 also installed a fiber optic network to support the phone system and internet traffic at the main location.

Through the benefit of having a cloud-based system, this non-profit organization now has the ability to continue  working in an emergency situation. The local United Way is included in the first responders’ team when the local county emergency operations center activates in the event of a hurricane.

T3 was able to provide the required fast, reliable, and affordable communications technology to support people in times of need. T3 provides the critical infrastructure for United Way to successfully accomplish its mission and provide community services.


Through its operating subsidiaries, Digerati serves over 28,000 business users on its platform while increasing customer adoption in diverse industries.

As corporations, businesses, and organizations continue to invest in their IT infrastructure, Digerati will continue to prove itself as an economic and disciplined communications solution provider.

Its robust platform for growth throughout Texas and Florida, combined with its clean and clear fundamentals, growth plan, acquisition strategy, and seasoned leadership team, are expected to increase shareholder value as the Company matures and enters a new phase of growth.