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Digerati Technologies

The Growth

The subsidiaries, NextLevel Internet, Skynet, Nexogy and T3 Communications, have been acquired by Digerati. In fact, the Company acquired Synergy in December of 2017, followed by the acquisition of T3 in May of 2018,  Nexogy in 2020, Skynet and NextLevel Internet in 2022.  Since its acquisitions of NextLevel Internet, Nexogy and Skynet, Digerati Technologies has more than doubled the Company’s revenues. This was done by adding a solid base of customers throughout Texas, Florida & California. The Company is currently providing services to municipalities like the cities of  Alice,  Benbrook, Lake Worth, as well as others throughout the State. Moreover, the Company has established relationships with business clients like Texas Workforce Solutions, Becker Vineyards, Star Shuttle, the McNay Art Museum, and many others. This was an important move, as T3 is an established player in the VoIP and cloud communications industry. As a result of the business combination, a telephony operator that serves 5,000 businesses customers and 50,000 users in Florida, California and Texas. Today, the combined entity generates over $31.6 million in annual revenue and positive cash flow from operations.

A Compelling


Digerati Technologies offers a compelling growth opportunity in the fact that it is bringing some structure to a highly-fragmented market. Today, the market is littered with regional UCaaS/Cloud communications providers with relatively low values. The Company plans to bring these providers together via acquisition. In fact, the acquisitions of NextLevel, Skynet, Nexogy and T3 serving as a foundation for this “consolidation” strategy. Essentially, the Company plans on acquiring providers that are currently generating between $2 million and $10 million in annual revenue while producing positive cash flow from operations.  In doing so, the Company will be able to create cost synergies that produce additional profits and improved returns. This is done through the integration of telecommunication infrastructure, back office systems, and network facilities.
Digerati Technologies

A “Local Touch” That Challenges National Players…

Target Clients & Customers
Through Synergy , T3,  Nexogy,  Skynet, and NextLevel Internet,  Digerati is targeting a massive small to medium-sized business audience. In fact, it is estimated that 99% of all businesses in the United States fall into this category, forming the backbone of the country’s economy. At the moment, there are approximately 32.5 million small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in the United States. This vast audience is perfect for Digerati, as they are typically unable to afford the comprehensive enterprise solutions that are offered by the incumbent telephone companies and national telco providers. These businesses typically must work with multiple providers for various cloud computing and telecommunications needs in order to fill a void or cure pain points. Digerati is providing a solution for this issue. By offering highly customizable solutions at a price point that fits the small to medium-sized business audience, the Company is offering SMBs the opportunity to consolidate their services. Moreover, these issues have led to around 75% of SMBs not yet migrating to UCaaS or VoIP, creating a large audience for the Company that has a pressing need for its services. Ultimately, this market fragmentation and the lack of availability of solutions tailored to SMBs is creating a market opportunity valued at around $38.7  billion in the United States. $15 billion of this opportunity has to do with the potential replacement market for legacy, on-premise phone systems. Through the acquisitions of NextLevel Internet, Skynet, Nexogy and T3, as well as the Company’s plans to further consolidate this fragmented space, the Company is positioned to take a large share of this market.
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The Team

The members of the Digerati management team are no strangers to the industry. In fact, the Company’s team is comprised of individuals with a solid history of leadership in the space. Combined, the management team has over 150 years of telecommunications industry experience, with more than 60 years of experience in public-company operations. The diverse skill set of the team includes sales, business development, engineering, operations, acquisitions and finance.

Up-listing to a Primary Exchange:

Digerati’s corporate development plan includes up-listing to a primary stock exchange, creating an even more valuable opportunity for its investors. The Company is taking steps to meet the qualification requirements for the Nasdaq and NYSE American stock exchanges.

Our wide range of clients.

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