You have only two minutes before the meeting starts, you go to the calendar-invite to search for the link, finally you find it and BANG!, it requests for you to download an App, which you do not know if you’ll ever use it again, besides, the download may take more than two minutes.. there’s where the dilemma begins..

This poses the question of whether it is more beneficial to a company to use a software or a web-based platform.

With software needed for video conferencing, each company will probably be able to tailor theirs to the specific needs and have tools and settings specific to their type of work. Another benefit of having the software is that you won’t have to go through the process of logging in each time you launch the application. However, this option will probably require users to meet certain technical requirements to download the latest versions. Furthermore, the act of downloading and being up to date on the latest versions sometimes is a hassle and time-consuming task.

The other side of the coin is the web-based platform which allows users to access the video conferencing tool from virtually anywhere with an internet connection and the link for the cloud-based meeting. Without the need to download anything, users will avoid the risk of importing corrupted files or malware on their devices. With a single platform for all its users, a web-based application must take care of its updates and maintaining everything as opposed to each user having to be on top of the latest version.

As with anything in technology (and life), there are pros and cons to each option. Fortunately, we’ve made nexogyTeams available for our clients as both a software and a web-based platform.

Enjoy the best of both worlds and never miss a stride with your team.