All around the US, companies have shut down physical offices and announced that employees will be working from home until the end of the year. Now more than ever, it is important to arm them with the tools necessary to work efficiently and at full throttle to keep industries thriving.

While we can equip you with the telecommunications part of that, we also have some tips to make your home a place where you can get your work done.

  1. Designate a Space as your Workstation
    Find a spot in your house where you can set up your computer, desk, phone, and important documents. Try to make this spot a place where you can focus and be away from the commotion that can be going on in the household with most of the family members staying home.
  2. Create a Schedule
    Define the hours you will be working and when you will be taking breaks and stick to it to form a routine. The transition from office to home can be difficult because the hours are not as clear; however, if you create a schedule and stick to it, it will get easier to be productive. Furthermore, share this schedule with the other members of your household to avoid interruptions. During these hours, members will know there needs to be a setting that is quiet and comfortable to work in.
  3. Invest in Collaboration Tools
    With everyone working from home, it is hard to keep the team environment strong. Collaboration tools such as nexogyTeams, employees will be able to share files, screens, and host video meetings in seconds to keep everyone in the loop. This will also help with productivity and accountability.Contact us today to set up your home office space using the right collaboration tools.