One question most business owners whose business is just starting to ask is, why do you need a separate number tied to your office when you have a mobile phone? Mobile phones are cheap, convenient, and reliable.


As the business grows becomes increasingly hard sometimes to differentiate between personal and business calls. A higher percentage of the world’s population owns a mobile phone; they will call you to engage in business even when you’re not working.


The Problems of Using a Personal Number for Business

The continuous use of personal cell phone number for business ends up becoming a habit which is hard to get out of. Some of the problems include;

It compromises privacy and disrupts the work-life balance by binding work and personal life you’re always exposed and vulnerable to threats and malware attacks you can’t avoid robocallsYou’re bound to your number as it becomes difficult to switch to a different phone number, either for business or personal life.It’s impossible to control employee-customer interactions also comes out as unprofessional.


Why You Need a Dedicated Business Phone Number

A business phone number is essential for any business. It goes beyond brand recognition and identifying your company as legitimate; it can also increase sales and return on investment (ROI). People still love having to call the same number when you want to buy a product or get some services.


Here are a few reasons why important to get a business phone number


1. Credibility

New businesses looking to enhance their company’s image needs to invest in a business phone number. It makes you look professional and in-process boost your business credibility. Also, having a dedicated line for business means you don’t have to share with your contacts unless there are potential customers. 


2. Marketing tool 

Most business phone systems record valuable information from the calls that can help with customer relationship management (CRM) and lead generations. It gives you the ability to track, monitor, and use valuable customer-related data to improve your business means your business phone number is not just for calls but also a factor in growing sales and return on investment (ROI)


According to Invoca’s 2016 Call Intelligence Index, 65% of customers prefer to contact a business by phone. This shows that the phone remains an integral part of the online marketing equation.


3. Privacy and Security

One essential part of having a business phone number is to make sure there is work-life balance. You don’t want to get a sales inquiry in the middle of family dinner or while sleeping.


It also means you don’t miss important calls while having not to expose your private cell number through smart call forwarding.


4. Improve Customer Satisfaction

In this age of the internet, customers do most of their stuff online. They prefer calling instead of email or texting when they need assistance, as they expect an immediate response. 


Having a business number and a virtual receptionist means your business is ready for calls 24/7. Also, the phone answering services make outgoing calls to remind customers of appointments and pass relevant information. It’s easier to retain customers if they know they can reach your business any time they want if they call.


A survey by NewVoiceMedia found that 75% percent of customers still believe calling is the most effective way to get a quick response from businesses.

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