While no one ever likes to admit it, the reality is that you’re going to need to take personal calls when you’re working. In fact, you should take personal calls, because your work isn’t the entirety of your life, and some things are too important to wait. Whether receiving a call from a spouse, child, family member, or friend, it’s important to leave the door open for personal calls during work hours.

But how can you separate the two? How can you keep one phone and distinguish which calls are business, and which are personal? And perhaps most importantly, how do you keep your personal information secure while doing so? Nexogy has the answer.

Two Different Lines, One Phone

When you choose Nexogy’s phone service for your business, you’ll get an additional way to use your business line. OfficeLine can be accessed from the same device as your personal line, allowing you to take personal and business calls on one phone. Because your communication is coming in through two separate lines, you’ll always know whether the call is work-related or not. 

Keep Your Personal Life Private


Nexogy offers secure lines that protect your private information and ensure your personal life is no one’s business but your own. Take important calls from friends and family with the knowledge that no one else is able to access your personal line, all while maintaining a secure business line. 

Route Your Calls Through Smartphone or Desktop


With OfficeLine, a lightweight softphone app, you’ll have clear, crisp business calls on one line, while still being able to receive personal calls on the other. And if you’re stuck at your desk, unable to access your phone, you can use the desktop app for the same purpose. 

There’s no need to compromise and give up important personal calls. Contact us today to learn more about OfficeLine and decide if it’s the right solution for your business.