Changing phone service providers doesn’t have to be scary. We know you don’t want to lose touch with your established customers or have tech problems reflect negatively on your brand. Fortunately, there’s no reason to put off changing to a new provider has the benefits your business really needs. Phone service companies allow you to take your phone number with you to a different phone company through a process called “porting.” You just have to follow a few simple instructions.

What You Need to Port Your Phone Number to a New Phone Service Provider

To port your number to a new service provider, you’ll have to provide proof that you own the existing account and that you intend to change service to a new company. It’s kind of a hassle, but the process is designed to protect business owners and ensure their phone numbers stay protected.

First, you will need:

  • -A Customer Service Record (CSR) provided by your current provider
  • -Your last invoice from your current provider
  • -A signed Letter of Agency noting your account number, name and service address

After providing your new account representative with this information, phone service should transfer seamlessly from one company to the next without any interruption for your clients.

How Long Does It Take to Port a Number From One Phone Service to Another

At Nexogy, we strive to make the porting process as fast and effortless as possible. We take your time table seriously and only spend as much time as required for a secure service transfer. Regardless of the company you’re moving away from, your phone number porting should be completed in 7 days or less.

Looking for an alternative phone company better suited to your business needs? Contact Nexogy to upgrade your business performance today.