The days of dialing into your voicemail and jumping through hoops to get your messages are gone, or at least they should be! If you’re looking to create a unified communications system that operates with efficiency and ease, then it’s time to leave that old technology in the 80’s where it belongs.

A 21st Century Upgrade

A VolP extension for each team member is the upgrade you need to bring everyone into the 21st century. No more being chained to one device or having to jump through hoops to get your mail. Nexogy includes an individual mailbox for each VolP extension which gives your team secure access to their voice messages wherever their work might take them. This gives your team a unified communications system that offers freedom and security.

Truly Unified Communications

In today’s world of perpetual technological advancement, simplicity becomes more important with every new upgrade. The last thing you want is to have to find your contacts and call data that’s stored in a silo somewhere. A VolP extension allows each user to access their mail from multiple places such as:

An app on their mobile phone,A desk phone,Their own User Portal,By dialing into their VolP number.

Within the multiple access points, the user can configure a personalized greeting, select options for what to do after a voicemail is delivered (like keep, delete, etc.), or send voicemails to e-mail.

Customer Service, Unchained

Your team members don’t want to be chained to a desk and why should they be? Give them the opportunity to add the right tools to their bag so that customer service will always be paramount for everyone. VolP extensions are simple to set up and let your team members take their communications with them on any device. Contact us today to find out how you can incorporate VolP extensions and leave the old technology behind!