No time like the present to get your clients in the cloud.

With the possibility of quarantine and no definite timeline in the foreseeable future, it’s the perfect opportunity to help your clients to take advantage of the benefits hosted PBX has to offer. Get your clients work-from-home ready with nexogy’s cloud-based phone system and have them experience the mobility and flexibility it offers.

As you know, a hosted PBX has many benefits for businesses. Aiding them in their day to day operations, phone “extensions” can be anywhere the employee is located, including on their mobile device. A cloud-based phone system will help businesses to scale up or down effortlessly as needed. Another advantage over the on-premise systems is the costs. With nexogy’s business phone systems, installations are quick and painless and equipment expenses will be significantly lower. There are no more recurring maintenance charges for the bulky old-legacy PBX equipment. With hosted PBX, your customers will pay for what they use, no more.

However, the most advantageous quality the hosted PBX has is that the structure that enables the service is not on-premise. Having their phone system in the cloud ensures constant access to it, whenever and wherever. This guarantees business continuity. With cloud PBX, your customers can rest assured that no matter the catastrophe, their communication will always be up and running.

Dear partner: technology is advancing at an exponential rate and IT professionals are having a harder time keeping up with software updates, equipment upgrades, and replacement costs for on-premise telephony systems. That is why you are part of the best partner program offering cloud-based phone systems and the “next technology” today.

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