Software-defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) is designed to create a more cost-efficient, more secure and reliable, and a more flexible solution than Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MLPS). It combines different services such as LTE and broadband internet services to connect users to their applications choosing the most efficient way to route traffic to the remote locations. SD-WAN creates a centralized control to direct traffic perfect for businesses with multiple locations and offers many more benefits over MLPS.

Reduced Costs

MPLS connections are exponentially more costly than internet links. When operating with SD-WAN, your company will notice the difference instantly which can be 90% lower than alternatives. Furthermore, the provisioning time is quicker which allows for less downtime. Composed of any combination of LTE, MPLS, Ethernet, Internet or Serial service, SD-WAN will utilize all available resources and select the most cost-efficient.

Improved Security

Public internet has always posed a threat to the security of an organization; however, SD-WANs offer an extra level of encryption and network segmentation, especially when paired with direct cloud connectivity. Micro-segmentation helps to address certain requirements of business-critical data and allows businesses to provide encryption for sensitive data.

This technology can be tailored for every type and size of business. Advantages are seen and enjoyed instantly, making the company more efficient and dynamic in terms of network resources.

Ideal for Managed VPN and MPLS replacements network created, defined, and controlled by a central software platform connected by a mix of network technologies including Internet/Broadband, Wireless LTE, Ethernet Local Access, and MPLS.

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