Art Smith the CEO of Digerati Technologies participates in an interview with Michael Murray of Benzinga. For those that are new to Benzinga…

Benzinga empowers the individual investor by keeping them one step ahead. Benzinga gives you the news to make informed decisions to take control of your own financial future.

Learn more about Digerati, their growth and hear directly from Art Smith as he explains to Michael Murray of Benzinga how Digerati has achieved their growth.

This new investor is nimble, intelligent and creative. Dissatisfied with the dinosaurs of financial media, they craved a different, more engaging source of information.

They needed a place that combined real-time news with actionable trading ideas, a place that brought the insight of the biggest names and the brightest minds from across the country directly to their computer screens.

They needed a place that rolled all of this information into one financial media outlet.

Against the backdrop of this revolution in financial journalism, Benzinga was born.