As we are always trying to provide our clients with the best tools to run their businesses, we are happy to announce the Analytics feature in the Contact Center Supervisor feature set.

Given a comprehensive view of actionable analytics, supervisors will be able to manage their call center with maximum efficiency.

SNAPanalytics gives you the ability to customize boards as much as you need to monitor call stats to improve customer satisfaction and agent performance. Providing real-time data, it will be easier to pinpoint problem areas and work on solutions to provide the best customer service experience possible.

Offering a completely customizable dashboard, each call center will be able to tailor theirs to fit the needs and goals of their company. This tool will give access to each agent’s average handle time, total inbound and outbound calls, average wait time, missed calls, and many other KPI’s that will help supervisors have an idea of strengths and weaknesses specific to each agent. With the ability to create and design multiple different boards, the supervisor can track performance and statistics by departments, as well.

Along with being able to choose the KPI’s, supervisors will also be able to design the layout of the dashboard, choosing the size of each block, font size, and color. The different display options include line graphs, tables, single stat, and gauge meters.

Take your call center performance to the next level with SNAPanalytics!