As working remotely becomes the new normal, tools to keep teams connected are imperative. In an effort to keep communication flowing seamlessly, employees might find themselves switching between messaging, video chat, and conference call applications.

Nexogy’s all-in-one solution will simplify communication forever. Allowing employees to stay in touch every minute of the day and unifying all communication channels under one application, we are happy to introduce nexogyTeams.

Offering the ability to chat, video call, share files, and screens, keeping everyone in the loop will be easier than ever, no matter if they are next door to each other or overseas.

Taking a quick glance at the contact list will show which of the team’s members are on a call, busy, offline, or online and ready to chat.

Create a meeting room for group members to discuss projects and collaborate with each other using screen sharing and group video calls.

As for hosting important presentations and meetings, the invitation can be shared with as many guests as needed. As this tool runs on most browsers, guests won’t need to download the application to join the meeting.

With both a mobile device and desktop version, nexogyTeams takes remote work to a new level.

Employees will always be in the right place at the right time; giving them the opportunity to communicate across states, countries, and time zones, nobody will miss a beat.

Experience collaboration trough a truly Unified Communication platform.