You have emails to respond to, presentations to prepare, and a whole host of other tasks that require the use of the internet. What happens when your internet service provider goes down? You’re dead in the water! These incidents are not only inconvenient but decrease overall productivity. nexogy would like to announce its newest product, Wireless Internet Backup!

What is the Purpose of Wireless Internet Backup?

Wireless Internet Backup provides consumers with a secondary source of internet, should their primary internet provider go temporarily offline due to technical issues or otherwise. This innovative product ensures forward progress doesn’t miss a beat. 

What is Included and What is the Cost?

Wireless Internet Backup is very affordable starting at only 59 dollars and changes based on the term. Only the month-to-month term requires an upfront payment. MRC includes:

Wireless backup serviceEquipment1 public IP address1GB of data

Should a client use more than the 1 GB of data that is included, there will be an additional charge of 22 dollars per month every time more than 1 GB of data is used that is not commissionable. 

Who Can Purchase This Product?

The simple answer is anyone can purchase Wireless Internet Backup. This product is offered with nexogy’s other services or as a stand-alone product to either new or existing customers.

Let nexogy Help You Stay Online 

The bottom line is this day in age we are a digital world. The inability to access to the internet can put employees and businesses at a standstill. As great as technology is, it still is not perfect. It is not a matter of if your internet service provider experiences technical difficulties, but when. Contact nexogy today for more information about our Wireless Internet Backup and stay online when you need it most