Working in an office no longer means sitting in a chair and being chained to a desk from nine in the morning until five in the evening. Technology has changed the way we communicate, collaborate, and work in teams. Millennials have been born into this technology and their innovation is disrupting the desk phone life to create a revolution led by mobile apps and cutting edge technology. 

Cultural Wealth vs. Capital Wealth

When it comes to the millennial workplace, the rules are no longer centered on leaving everything personal at home. Emotional intelligence and awareness are often more important than what a person gets paid but innovation makes it easy to stay efficient while including cultural wealth in the workplace. Work-life balance is a big way millennials are changing the way we do business. A positive influence on enterprise communication allows millennials to do more when they’re not at their desks so that they have the opportunity to catch up with that friend who flew in from out of town or make every soccer game for their kids. Communicating effectively through technology gives companies a way to keep both cultural wealth and capital wealth in the workplace. You don’t have to make sacrifices to stay efficient! 


Interrupting the Desk Phone Life

It’s important to be there for customers but millennials have come to understand that this doesn’t have to translate to hovering around a desk phone all day. Innovation is the way of the millennial, which translates to finding creative ways to solve problems using whatever tools are at hand. Give them the right tools, and your company can be involved in that innovation and millennials will keep you moving into the next generation of doing business. 


Keep Your Company at the Forefront

Finding the right tools and employing the right people to utilize them is only part of what it takes to stay at the forefront of innovation in business. It takes vigilance and continuity in learning to keep up. Millennials are notoriously optimistic about these points and possess the drive to keep your company on the next frontier in innovating enterprise communications. Contact us to learn more today!