As the leading communications solution company, nexogy is dedicated to continually finding new ways to provide customers with even better customer experience. Our mission is to provide communication and network solutions to fit any and all business needs. This is why we are so excited and proud to announce that nexogy is joining forces with Digerati Technologies! Digerati is known for providing simple, flexible, and cost-effective communication and network solutions. 

What Does This Partnership Mean for You?

nexogy’s partnership with Digerati means even more resources, tools, and even better service delivery and support for our partners and clients! Even more, nexogy will continue to operate seamlessly under the same name you know and trust. Let’s take a look at how this acquisition will benefit our customers. 

Benefits After the Acquisition

It is our clients and partners who benefit from the acquisition of Digerati. Benefits include:

A larger company with even more resources and brainpower at our disposal to better serve you a larger IP network for better service nationwide presence for a better global experience planning on future acquisitions for continued growth

Due to the addition of more staff to our support center, customers can expect faster response times to all of their customer experience needs! The bottom line is that not only have our solutions become more versatile, but we have now taken our client support to the next level.

A Communications Solution that Works for You!

Joining forces with Digerati means an even more robust and powerful experience for our clients. Effective communication solutions are the backbone of your business. nexogy understands this, which is why we are here to help your clients with all of their communication and network solution needs. Contact us today for more information and see how we can help you!