Nexogy’s CRM integration is here to make your life easier. Offering a range of different features, we are matching your database information with our services to save you time and money.

Starting with contact popping, Nexogy’s CRM integration will match and display contact information to incoming calls to be able to easily locate important details instantly. No need to scramble to look up a customer in another platform anymore; have it at the tip of your fingertips, literally. Working with caller ID, employees will have all the information they need before they even answer the phones, increasing efficiency, and productivity. Furthermore, with the ability to take notes during calls, you can document key points made during conferences or sale calls with existing and potential customers to refer back to in the future.

Also offering call history and click-to-dial, users can avoid scrolling through contact lists, name by name, to get in contact with frequent customers. Even if a caller is not in the call history, our CRM integration tool allows users to search for specific contacts by name and decrease time spent searching.

With all these features and tools at your disposal, Nexogy’s CRM integration tool is sure to maximize efficiency, lower costs, and Nexogy is making it possible for you to achieve more with less. Integrate your CRM with your phone systems with one easy call to our support team to learn more and get you set up.