With coronavirus spreading fast, you might be wondering what steps you can take to protect co-workers and yourself: WORK REMOTELY.

Then the number one rule: washing your hands,

might seem obvious…

but most people don’t practice it as regularly as they should. Surfaces such as doorknobs and elevator buttons are constantly touched by thousands of people. Touching those and then touching your eyes or mouth, you can become infected.

Another surface you might not even think about is your cell phone. Experts say cell phones could have ten times more bacteria than a toilet seat… You should also consider cleaning it regularly as you (hopefully) do your hands.

To clean your desk phones, it is best to use microfiber cloths and isopropyl alcohol of 70%-90%. Regular cleaning wipes could cause damage to the phones’ coating as well as the insides. For hard to reach spots, we recommend using a q-tip. The higher the content of the alcohol, the quicker it will dry and it is less likely to damage the device. You should be thorough and clean all sides of the phone and the buttons.

By taking the steps above, you can protect yourself and rest assure In the case of quarantine, we have a plan for you and your business.

With nexogy® you don’t miss a beat and business continues as calls seamlessly switch to other offices, temporary locations or even homes and mobile phones.

nexogy® provides a comprehensive disaster recovery toolset that reconfigures call rules and flows based on your customized standards – automatically!

No matter the virus or disaster, we have you covered at nexogy.