Knowledge is power, and call recording helps keep accountability, settle disputes, monitor performance and show compliance with laws and regulations in place.

Connecting directly from their cloud to ours, Call Cabinet’s call recording service is able to capture voice recordings and customer interactions keeping in PCI compliance.

Compatible with our OfficeLine app, users can enjoy Call Cabinet’s call recordings on the technology of their choice by centrally recording on the cloud.

With Call Cabinet, protecting sensitive data and consumer information has never been easier.

Artificial intelligence automatically redacts recordings, agents have the ability to manually redact recordings or the system can be set to trigger redactions with an API call to ensure compliance.

Additionally, we offer analytic services to target keywords, phrases, pitch, volume, and tonality. These metrics help to determine trends in businesses incoming calls to improve agent performance and customer service.

This will allow businesses the understand call content and, in turn, effectively train agents for maximum success.

Both using simple pricing, Nexogy’s call path plan and Call Cabinet’s call recording complement each other and allow for clients to chose their plan based on consumption. By studying past call history, clients will be matched with the plan tailored to their needs.

No matter what industry the client is a part of, this service will be beneficial. Join our next webinar where we’ll be discussing more details and technical aspects for this service.

This amazing partnership with Call Cabinet will allow clients to enjoy flexibility and scalability without sacrificing affordability.