Customer experience and satisfaction is the most significant catalyst to business growth

and success. Studies have shown that clients who call in are more likely to make a purchase or become long term customers. In most businesses, the call is received either by a receptionist, AAS, or both.

Advantages of using Auto Attendant Systems are

They Enhance Consistency

Back in the days, instances of customers calling a business and receiving different personalities were widespread. A customer’s call could be received by your staff with a Texan accent; a few seconds later, the recall would be received by your hippie intern with an accent from the next state over. Auto-attendant systems solved this by ensuring customers receive a consistent experience.

Business Image

Virtual secretary systems improve your business image. It signals to your customers that you’re willing to invest in improving their communication experience. It also shows that you value their feedback and are eager to let them be part of your business.


Business before AAS was a risky venture. The only bridge between you and your next customer was a receptionist whose mood and performance varied like the weather. Just to let you know AAS, don’t catch colds that give them Bernie voices. They also don’t suffer breakups that make them grumpy and mad at innocent callers for the rest of the month.

Saves Cost

AAS helps you run your business better. The money saved from hiring receptionists can be diverted into more productive parts of your business. Resources, such as the employees who answered phone calls from clients, can be reallocated into more productive tasks.

Improves Efficiency

Only sufficient businesses can survive 21st-century competition. AAS ensures that your customers never get missed calls whenever they make inquiries. It also leads them to the respective departments or to a receptionist who can best handle their query, saving time, and improving quality.

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