With the uncertainty surrounding the current situation, if there is one thing you want to be certain of is having access to your important documents.

As more people are transitioning to and from their homes and offices, it is crucial to take part in practicing the 3, 2, 1 back up rule. It is simple and will assure access to files, no matter where you are as well as protect you from tech mishaps.

The 3, 2, 1 back up rule consists of having

  • -3 copies of your data, one where you work and two others
  • -2 formats: physical and digital
  • -1 copy stored off-site

Off-site storage can be a cloud-based one, a server farm, or an external disk. This redundancy will protect businesses from computer crashes, viruses, or even natural disasters that prevent access to the original copy of the document or files.

During the adjustment period to the new normal, there will likely be back and forth from in-office to work from home situations; this strategy will ensure employees and businesses have access to all their files as well as facilitating the transition. Following this practice, the chances of a total loss of data and files are minimal.